Winter 2019


MLK Jr Academic Magnet High School FCA Nashville, TN

January 4


Gate Youth Franklin, TN

January 23


Catalyst Gospel Equip Franklin, TN

January 26


Catalyst Freedom Equip Dublin, Ireland

February 1-2


Liberty Church Dublin, Ireland

February 3


The Naked Truth Conference Lansing, MI

February 9


Catalyst Identity Equip Gas City, IN

February 16


Kingdom Life Church Gas City, IN

February 17


Catalyst Ministries Fundraising Event Tacoma, WA

February 19


The Send Orlando, FL

February 23


Ascension Christian Center Orlando, FL

February 24


Catalyst Hearing God Equip Albany State University

March 1-2


Hong Kong Central Church HK

March 9-10


Spring 2019


Tacoma Central Presbyterian Church Tacoma, WA

March 23-24


Open Worship Gathering Tacoma, WA

March 24


Messenger Summit Franklin, TN

March 25-27


Catalyst Identity Equip Tempe, AZ

April 6


Revival Coalition Nashville, TN

April 12-13


The Gate Community Church Franklin, TN

May 5